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Fun and lots of luck

The game is very addictive but very fun and I got a Howl first spin


Add a inspect please then I’ll make it 5 stars

Best game

Best game 2 knives

Love it but...

So I play this game everyday. I’ll get a daily reward, and open cases. But I’ve been opening the nuke cases, and noticed they are rigged. You open it, and every skin that goes by isn’t a souvenir, until it lands on the skin. It can be a Tec-9, a P250, a m4a4, it doesn’t matter. It will be a souvenir. Please fix!

Almost perfect

Needs to be a inspect option for inventory skins and when you get a skin from a case.

Lit game

Very fun game but could use some updates

So good!

Best CSGO case opening simulator out there! Very good!

LeTs PuT aN aD eVeRy 5 SeCoNds

Now the agony you feel when you get nothing good and always get an ad. how money hungry can you be?!

It’s fun but I don’t get anything

I’ve opened almost 700 glove cases and I haven’t pulled a single glove.

Update for 5 stars

Its amazing should add trading and make it online.


Lots of High tier skins show as $0 please fix

Awesome buuuut

They need to add sticker capsules and costume cases

I don’t know and I’m scared

Does this game take your money when you open a case I’m scared and don’t know

Not good after update

The game was amazing before the update now some of the skins prices won’t load and they don’t count as any money towards the jackpot and other times it will glitch and even though I got a knife it will give me a random skin from a gun used to be 5 stars now 3


First off I love this app! But I think that it’s missing something, is a market place where you can sell unwanted skins to other players for coins, with coins you should be able to purchase a skin of your pleasing with no worries... Yes I do know that you are able to trade coins for skins (but) you are not able to choose a skin of your liking. So please consider my idea!




I won fruggung butterfly knofe!!!!

Jackpot System Rigged

So, I’ve entered 5 different jackpots in which I had 80% or more win percentage and lost every single one. A couple were at 90% or more. I get statistics and chance but the odds of that occurring is EXTREMELY low. In another one of these jackpots I had 32% chance and a Souvenir Dragon Lore was entered making everyone’s chance of winning 5% or less, even he lost his lore to some low bidder. DO NOT PLAY JACKPOT IF YOU HAVE SKINS. It will only frustrate you...


I just downloaded this app and it’s pretty fun. But is there anyway to get the skins from your inventory? I may sound like an idiot, but I don’t know.

Many bugs

The thing crashes half the time.

Seems to be rigged....

Pretty hard to get good stuff from any of the cases, I know it’s only like a .3% chance of getting a knife but there is a case that has a 20% chance of getting good stuff that rarely actually gives good stuff...

This helps me with my vodka addiction



the game is a great but can you add a way to open multiple cases at once or faster, a way to make cases and upgrader


The jackpot is obviously AI only NOT ACCUTAL PEOPLE so thers that and its pretty clear its rigged for example bet about 7000 c and someone else (AI) will bet 7500 (the max) and when you bet 9 times out of 10 someone with like a 5% chace will win when you have about a 60% chance, ALSO if your ready this novemeber 1 2017 you have the honur of being apart of the hallowen even witch gives you knives that are worth 1,600c and 445c ALL THE TIME so you dont have to worry about accuatly playing the game and winning it legit. so if your somebody who likes to waist hours of there lives on a game were you cant really rightfully deserve a sense of achievement no matter how manny 1,600c knives and play a rigged betting system THIS IS NO DOUBT THE GAME FOR YOU but if your like me and enjoy games were you get something done and have fun STEER CLEAR OF THIS APP onlistly this app probably isnt worth the time im spending writeing this reviwe its 1 am i cant fall asleep and have nothing better to do so theres probably like 90 typos but dont complain thats your fault for reading a strangers review who as for as you know is completely illiterate and honestly dosent know whow to spell the words hes spelt rong. BUT IN CONCLUSION **** THIS APP

Very good

Best case opener by far. Not many ads, and when there is, you can skip them. Ive gotten lucky so far and have a knife and gloves already🤗

Pretty gud

Good for wasting time, but that's about it


Great game to play really feels like I'm open cases. Get gets you so excited when yo win a jackpot or get a expensive skin. The only thing which is bad about the game is the people you do jackpots with seem like bots but some times it seems like here might be real people.

Good app but buggy

The 25 point dragon trainer achievement does not register, neither does the knife collector one, and same with the pink trade up


This game is so good. It’s really addicting and if you like CSGO. You will love this game I promise.


It is a good simulator but you don’t play other players it puts you up against bots and after a while it get irritating because the boys have so much...

Great but I would like to see more inspect options

I love this, it's the best one on the App Store, but if it would be possible to make the inspecting of in game items a little better, that would be awesome.

Really good case opening app

I love this app try the jackpot it's fun

Case opener

The beast game

Got a knife-

So much funnn!!!

Love your app but add this ft pls

I love this app I play it all the time with my friend. Can you add a open cases faster button like in csgo you can make them faster/slower. Just in the settings make it 1x 2x 3x something like that. Also since they are virtual items cant you make a withdraw show instead of a auto withdraw?



Load of crap

Had over 60% win odds six times in a row on jackpot and lost everytime. Case odds seem low as reds drop about every 200+ cases. Unless you are lucky stay away, will only serve to frustrate you.

Crash in casino

The crash mini game in casino needs to be fixed I’ve lost almost all my casino coins because after 10-20 minutes playing crash it started permanently crashing below 2.0x



Good app but

Could use some more stuff like being able to inspect more cases and the awp dragonlore

No price

The cases cost nothing so the fun never stops!!!!

Great gambling and very exciting

This is my favorite app because there is nothing like virtual gambling


Very addicting game, and very rewarding(sometimes) extremely fun, and great time passer, but there should be an inspect element where you can inspect your skins and look at them as if in the game

Couple problems but still great

Personally, I do like the game a lot however, there seems to be a lot of bots on casino with the same profile picture every time I go into a jackpot. Also, I too, think there should be an inspect added. Finally, I think you should fix the rarity ratio. It's like 30 good items pass and you get a horrible item in the end


If you like opening crates in rocket league get this app!

Not good

It's a fun addictive game just it's always telling me my stuff is worth 0 dollars.Once they fix that I'll start playing the game again


Great time waster

Awesome, needs some fixes

Awesome game, I recommend on the casino to make the jackpot more realistic, bots bet way more than you every time. Make crash and roulette go in the background even if you are opening cases and not playing them, because it's always at the same spot it was last time you played it.


This game is really fun and it is cool that you don't have to spend money to get crates



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