Case Opener Examine App

One Problem....

I love the game, there’s just one glitch I found that makes the game less enjoyable. When I open a case, I can only get the first red skin listed in the preview, but the second never pops up. For example: I used to be able to get the ak-47 Vulcan in the Huntsman Case, but now it never even passes by.

Cool but i got a suggestion

Very fun and addictive game but there should be an option to open more than one crate at a time.

Great app

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Ok this os a great game, but i hate it. (Sorry), BUT, i put an ultraviolet butterfly and ultraviolet karambit in the casino and my game crashed and lost 1193$ in skins I WANT A REFUND!! PLEASE IT TOOK SO LONG TO GET THOSE

The casino seems rigged

I’ve played the Jackpot game five separate times now dropping at least a hundred dollars worth of skins which give me an over thirty percent chance of winning and each time the same guy who only dropped around twelve dollars which only gave him around an eight percent chance has won I understand gambling and all is a risk but when it happens that often with such a chance and risk difference it’s difficult to feel like the game isn’t rigged in someway.


I like the app because it gives you that good feeling of opening cases without spending money. However, I obtained special item like a Minimal-Wear Souvenir Dragon Lore, and a StatTrack M4A4 Howl, and it says those skins are worth $89.09, even though those skins are actually worth over $10,000. Please fix this issue.

This game is so satisfying

This game is so amazing. Nothing is better than a game we’re u just get to do this kind of opening with no regrets. Is so satisfying along with the collection you get to build. Great game.

Love at first knife

I love this u don’t have to spend anything an u get real chances. Get this if ur spending hundreds of dollars an not getting anything on CSGO


Very good game there’s no problems I recommend just downloading it

Great Game!!!!

I do not even play CS:GO but I already am addicted to this game after a week! I personally think the Casino could use some updates but the only thing I can think of is a trading option. Also, I think a good motivator mechanic would be a little skin journal to try and fill up all the skins for each quality! Finally, I have noticed that whenever I get mystery cases by completing a survey, I do not actually get the cases when I go back! Otherwise, great game!

Awesome! But a problem

This game is super addictive! I been hooked in this game for the couple of days! But problem is that I rarely glitch out when there’s a ad pop up! But not bad like the other games! Loveee it

İts works to real money??

İts free??

Pretty good app

It simulates case openings pretty well and the cases feel easy to get good things I got a well worn dragon lore for my 20th cobblestone package and I’m too scared to put it in the lottery because I know I won’t get another but overall very nice app


Very well made get this game

Addicting and very taunting

Really addictive game yet it taunts me way to much for my liking like its the red and it misses like a SLIP so i get mad at this app sometimes but its very good

It won’t let me purchase anything right now

It’s so annoying because I needed to sign into Game Center multiple times, and even after I signed in the store still says transaction failed.

I got bad skin

So I am confusion, I get rare special item and I get bad skin. $40, are you high?

Very fun app

First I would like to say the app is very fun and very addicting. I only have one problem and that is I haven’t even SEEN a skin for an Aug above purple, and I haven't seen any of the red pistols. Other than that the app is very fun.


This game is flat out awesome. I love being able to open all these cases. The reason why it’s gets a four star is because of the casino. It’s filled with bots and I wanna do jackpot with my friends but I can’t. Also for a limited time on holidays you should have a +75% (or something like that) chance to get rare knives or skins.


Not good at all I guess the opening part is ok but some red guns only go for €7 which is bogus when purples go for €20. Also I just love when I go into jackpot with 2 knives and have an 80% of winning and someone with 5% of wining wins. This happens to me almost every time which pisses me off. Also the rare special items don’t even go for a ton of money which are just knives and they should go for 500 at least.

I am actually addicted

I am a poor boy so I can't open actual cases on csgo, but this gives me equal excitement to real cases. I have spent so many hours on this app over the past couple of days and I have to say I am loving it. It is so simple yet so addictive. I realized the the players in jackpot are bots and not real people which really let me down. I think it would be much more entertaining to be playing against real players betting real items than to be playing against no one.

Offers for mystery box

Offers where you play games for boxes dont work. I completed 2 and didnt have ad blocker on and still never got my boxes

Fun to play but..

I played the game for 3 days and had 5 Dragon Rolls and alot of knives it was alot of fun but.. i wanted to play jackpot with friends but there are only bots there pls fix it and your app will go sky rocking :D 【༺༒คłpнค༒】

Ripped me off


Good game. Super fun


Fun and lots of luck

The game is very addictive but very fun and I got a Howl first spin


Add a inspect please then I’ll make it 5 stars

Best game

Best game 2 knives

Love it but...

So I play this game everyday. I’ll get a daily reward, and open cases. But I’ve been opening the nuke cases, and noticed they are rigged. You open it, and every skin that goes by isn’t a souvenir, until it lands on the skin. It can be a Tec-9, a P250, a m4a4, it doesn’t matter. It will be a souvenir. Please fix!

Almost perfect

Needs to be a inspect option for inventory skins and when you get a skin from a case.

Lit game

Very fun game but could use some updates

So good!

Best CSGO case opening simulator out there! Very good!

LeTs PuT aN aD eVeRy 5 SeCoNds

Now the agony you feel when you get nothing good and always get an ad. how money hungry can you be?!

It’s fun but I don’t get anything

I’ve opened almost 700 glove cases and I haven’t pulled a single glove.

Update for 5 stars

Its amazing should add trading and make it online.


Lots of High tier skins show as $0 please fix

Awesome buuuut

They need to add sticker capsules and costume cases

I don’t know and I’m scared

Does this game take your money when you open a case I’m scared and don’t know

Not good after update

The game was amazing before the update now some of the skins prices won’t load and they don’t count as any money towards the jackpot and other times it will glitch and even though I got a knife it will give me a random skin from a gun used to be 5 stars now 3


First off I love this app! But I think that it’s missing something, is a market place where you can sell unwanted skins to other players for coins, with coins you should be able to purchase a skin of your pleasing with no worries... Yes I do know that you are able to trade coins for skins (but) you are not able to choose a skin of your liking. So please consider my idea!




I won fruggung butterfly knofe!!!!

Jackpot System Rigged

So, I’ve entered 5 different jackpots in which I had 80% or more win percentage and lost every single one. A couple were at 90% or more. I get statistics and chance but the odds of that occurring is EXTREMELY low. In another one of these jackpots I had 32% chance and a Souvenir Dragon Lore was entered making everyone’s chance of winning 5% or less, even he lost his lore to some low bidder. DO NOT PLAY JACKPOT IF YOU HAVE SKINS. It will only frustrate you...


I just downloaded this app and it’s pretty fun. But is there anyway to get the skins from your inventory? I may sound like an idiot, but I don’t know.

Many bugs

The thing crashes half the time.

Seems to be rigged....

Pretty hard to get good stuff from any of the cases, I know it’s only like a .3% chance of getting a knife but there is a case that has a 20% chance of getting good stuff that rarely actually gives good stuff...

This helps me with my vodka addiction



the game is a great but can you add a way to open multiple cases at once or faster, a way to make cases and upgrader


The jackpot is obviously AI only NOT ACCUTAL PEOPLE so thers that and its pretty clear its rigged for example bet about 7000 c and someone else (AI) will bet 7500 (the max) and when you bet 9 times out of 10 someone with like a 5% chace will win when you have about a 60% chance, ALSO if your ready this novemeber 1 2017 you have the honur of being apart of the hallowen even witch gives you knives that are worth 1,600c and 445c ALL THE TIME so you dont have to worry about accuatly playing the game and winning it legit. so if your somebody who likes to waist hours of there lives on a game were you cant really rightfully deserve a sense of achievement no matter how manny 1,600c knives and play a rigged betting system THIS IS NO DOUBT THE GAME FOR YOU but if your like me and enjoy games were you get something done and have fun STEER CLEAR OF THIS APP onlistly this app probably isnt worth the time im spending writeing this reviwe its 1 am i cant fall asleep and have nothing better to do so theres probably like 90 typos but dont complain thats your fault for reading a strangers review who as for as you know is completely illiterate and honestly dosent know whow to spell the words hes spelt rong. BUT IN CONCLUSION **** THIS APP

Very good

Best case opener by far. Not many ads, and when there is, you can skip them. Ive gotten lucky so far and have a knife and gloves already🤗

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